Monday, February 10, 2014


Aren't these cute!?
What have youall been up to? Soon Valentine's Day will be upon us and I've been thinking about the love we should show each day, and not just one day out of the year!
Oh, I have gotten my Valentine's cards for my grands and have got checks (little ones!) written out to put in them, but now....I want to write about love. REAL LOVE.
My Valentine Dishcloth 

We went and played some music Friday night at some friends' house. I must say, although I came home so sore from the hard chairs, and am still sore today, I know it did me good.

Our friends' sons--15 and 19--are getting better and better with their music. I am convinced that the youngest, Wyatt, can--if he wants to--actually be good enough to be a professional musician. This young man plays guitar, violin , mandolin, and about anything else he puts his hands on! He has written beautiful songs,  much better than I've heard on the radio.

 Before we left, he got his guitar out and played me a song that he had written--and I've been playing for nearly 60 years, myself--(at least the piano)--so, I've got a pretty good idea what's good and what's not. The LORD blessed me with an ability to play by ear, and I've been playing the piano since I was about three years old.

I've probably mentioned Wyatt- he's so serious about his music, and he has such a good ear! I'm so fortunate to have a young man who seems to care enough about me and my opinion  to want me to listen to his new music. If there are a couple of things I CAN do, ---they are to encourage, and ---I feel anyway--to comfort!  This is something we can all do--and to young people, it can be the most important thing we can ever do. We can LOVE!!!

If you have had children, you already know how important these things are to them.Little ones (and BIG ones!) need comforting when their "knees are skinned"...they need encouragement
Mama showing Love and Comfort

 to get back on their "bicycles" AFTER they've skinned that knee! :)

And anyway, when I was listening intently to Wyatt--(there was so much noise from people talking, I had to almost put my ear into the guitar to hear, and he won't sing very loud), I thought about how much he desired--needed-- my encouragement.

How much all the encouragement I've received from people all my life has meant to me!!

 I thought about how much better I have felt when I saw the comforting, loving encouragement in someone's eyes. Someone who took the time to give me a few moments of their time to make me feel special. Wow. It helped me so much when I was younger, and I know it still helps me today. Someone who took the time to just LOVE me! Can you all think of a moment like that? 

I know you can!

So, I try to --- (but still often fail)---to remember to encourage someone, whether young or old. Sometimes, we miss the chance if we're not paying attention. I know I want to be a blessing to someone, don't you? I know you do! You know how good it makes you feel, don't you! I never want to stop remembering how important this is!

It actually makes US feel so much better than the one we're giving comfort and love to when we take the time. And really---how much time does it take?  Often just a minute or two! Can't we give just a few minutes?
If there is any reason we're put here on this earth, I believe it is to love one another,  and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To love, we need to give comfort , give encouragement...and then to  tell people about the love of God's Son, the Savior who died for them!! 

 Don't think you can do it? Well, here's the thing---it's not US doing the converting! We can't "save" anyone. Count on God to take care of that! We're not the ones who "save", we're not responsible for the salvations!  GOD is! He is able! We're called to step out and be the feet and hands of Jesus!
 All we're asked to handle is what is called the GREAT COMMISSION...or ---put simply---to spread the WORD to others. Then let God take care of the rest.

We may not feel that we have "gotten through" to people we've witnessed to----but we plant, someone else waters, and God gives the increase.

HE really does!  But, first, we have to think --- to give comfort, to give encouragement...sometimes we have to literally FEED someone real food before we feed them the Gospel at all! 

People who are hungry hardly have the ability to listen to you when their bellies are so empty they can't even think!!

We have to think! What can we do so that they can finally feel like listening?

 First we plan a seed!

 And then, although we may not see it---someone is going to water that seed, love it, encourage it, and it will turn into a harvest--- a great, wonderful harvest--all because we began to love, to comfort, to encourage! To plant!

1 Thessalonians 4:18

Amplified Bible (AMP)
18 Therefore comfort and encourage one another with these words. 

Blessings, Friends! May your week of love turn into a LIFETIME of love!