Friday, June 28, 2013


(Why is that pretty girl in the yellow up here?  That is to show you how big our granddaughter has gotten!) Isn't she pretty?

It has been quite a week…for me! We had to go to see my doctor on Wednesday, and it was a very late appointment. Drive an hour to see a doctor for 10 minutes, but we won’t have to go back for 2 months, at least! I had been so sore, worn and so exhausted, she put me on steroids for a week, and gave me a shot that day. I don’t like it—but it has helped a lot. So, that was a good thing. We went not too far from there to an Outback Steakhouse, and celebrated our 47 anniversary there for dinner.  It was a first—not to eat there, but to get in there, and get seated immediately! There were people waiting, but for 8 and 10 people tables, so we got right in there. My husband really loves the steak there, and although I usually get the salmon, I decided to get a filet and scallops—and although the filet was good, I should have forgotten the scallops. Not that they weren’t okay, but the  bacon wrapped scallops we’d had for an appetizer with the kids were so good---I still remembered how they tasted!  I guess when you go to a steak house—you should forget the seafood! In this picture--from my phone, you can see I had already eaten the chopped salad, and the sweet potato with honey and cinnamon was still hot and wonderfully moist. J

This evening we had to go to a visitation. Our good friend’s twin brother died of cancer on Wednesday, so we left here about 6pm and went there for about an hour and a half. We really only knew our friend and his wife—if I had ever met his twin brother, I don’t remember it.  There was a big crowd there, and all of his family is still living in that little town, so I figured there’d be a big crowd there. Noisy, but in a good way, you know—so many friends, celebrating the life of a good, family man.  Afterwards, we stopped at a little place and got a bite to eat—nothing special, but I knew it would be a very late and (tired) night to cook.

Last night, I made homemade pizza—I would have taken a picture, but I haven’t blogged in so long, I haven’t gotten back into that habit. I will though!  Hubby really enjoyed it. I bought the refrigerated rollout crust instead of making my own like I used to. Boy---it’s so much quicker, isn’t it! We both like a crisp thin crust; I had picked up fresh ground beef and some pepperoni, and had some pasta sauce made already and pizza cheeses in the fridge. He enjoyed it so much (after having had Pizza Hut up at the kids’ house, and it being so-so), I’ll be putting pizza on my menu rotation again, I think. An easy, quick dinner for someone who likes to please her hubby, and get a meal done in pretty much of a hurry with little clean-up, and not so much left over!  A good thing! And I can make it healthier, too. I like pineapple and ham on mine, and next time, half of it will be that! J

Tomorrow, we will go to the nursing home to play a bit with our group at church, come home, rest a minute and try to get ready to go to our friends’ little picking shed to play for a few hours with them. Their sons are 19 and 15 and are so interested in playing, and the younger one is super-talented!  He’s so serious about it and his older brother just smiles and is laid back! They are so different, but are both black belts in karate, are both so well-mannered and friendly, and we have come to love them so much. The same old crowd will be there, and I SO hope I will be up to going. I have missed the past few times of going, and I hope this period of steroids will help me get back to going. (Nothing like a funeral to get you to thinking about who we may not be seeing the next time!) Right this moment, hubby is over in his chair with music playing form his laptop—some are songs that we will sing together tomorrow night. I wish I still loved to play and sing as much as he still does, but I know it is a good thing for both of us.

Tomorrow afternoon, before we go to the nursing home, I will make my pan of apple dumplings to go with Lorena’s chicken salad, Barbara’s crab dip, and whatever the other ladies decide to bring.  There will be jumbo salted peanuts that have been made locally, and a big bowl of salsa and chips, and plenty of water and soft drinks in the little fridge out there in the little shed by the river. We’ll be met by Beau, the blood hound—his family’s pride and joy—and the two cats, and two handsome young men waiting to get our guitar and banjo out the trunk of the car and tote them for us!  There will soon be the sound of music and laughter, and talk—always, plenty of talk and laughter. Then, hopefully, we’ll get away by 10 pm to get home by 11, and to my soft recliner in my loose, cotton pjs for a few minutes to get ready, get quieted down to close my eyes before we get up and go to church on Sunday, the 30th—our 47th anniversary!

May your weekend be a heavenly gift! May you be filled, and may you be with friends and family—as I hope to be, and may none of us ever take what we do have for granted!

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  1. Kat has really grown! She's so cute!
    Glad you got a shot and are out and about again. Enjoy yourself tonight and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
    Have a great day, Sunday!
    Anne Green♥♥♥


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