Monday, June 24, 2013


Been a few months, hasn't it?  I don't even know how to begin!  It's not that I have a whole lot to say right's that I felt I needed to say SOMETHING!  I used to enjoy blogging so much--it was a way to reach out, to find friends, to say...things I may not say otherwise?!

Haven't been doing too many crafts. Honestly, I've been hurting a lot more with this Fibromyalgia/CFS and the old friend "Arthur-itis" that so many of us "old folks" are experiencing!  And any of you that were reading when Mama was in the nursing home and then when she died, already know that time hit me kinda hard. I still miss her so much.

Actually, I guess I'll have to go back and read my older posts just to see where I was when I last wrote.  I wonder if I'll even remember how to post photos, and I don't promise to post everyday or even every week. (Or every month?!)

Things are okay with us. The Lord is good all the time. The little church we joined last year is a good fit for us. No big health issues for either of us, any more than usual, thankfully. We just got back from a week's visit with our son and his family---and you know I love that. I got to watch our son and grandson fly fish!

 (The trip beats me down though. I try as best I can to stay "UP" when I'm with them, and then, when we get home, it takes awhile for me to recharge my batteries.  A good while---with Ibuprofen, heating pads, ice packs, pillows everywhere, Biofreeze and my regular meds and vitamins.)

We stopped in Staunton and instead of our usual Outback visit, we went to a Japanese Steak and Sushi place named Massaki's. I wish I had taken pictures of the beautiful plate of sushi  I got! Do you like sushi? I think I could eat it everyday! Hubby got the filet and fried rice.  Although they didn't cook it medium rare as he requested, it was very tender, and he was fine with it.

There was not a room to be had in Waynesboro, so we chose Staunton--which is only about 8 miles away from there. Where we usually stay at the Holiday Inn Express in Waynesboro, we had to stay at The Holiday Inn in Staunton. Honestly--I think it must be old...pretty old! I can't remember when I stayed somewhere that still had cast iron bathtubs, (NOT the claw footed ones!)instead of fiberglass inserts!

I do believe they put us in the room furthest from the elevator---I nearly dropped when we finally got in the room.  I was glad we had eaten before we checked in! The Express only has about 2 floors, and this place had four or five--which was fine, but new to us.  Also,  this wasn't right down at all the was a few miles away, which WASN'T a good thing for hubby, who wasn't used to the area. He, poor dear, has a thing about different places, and we don't have a navigation system on the car, so he missed an exit and was a little upset when he did it. We had to turn around, and find the right one, which had me kind of wishing we had just come on home instead of staying overnight!! Still, after all these years, I should be used to it, and I guess I am.  On the 30th, it will be 47 years.

Anyway, I was thrilled that he wanted to take me to the Sushi restaurant, even though he doesn't eat it. He knows I love it, though, and he was willing to change up this time, and he said that next time, we could go again if I wanted. I would love to try some of the NON-chain restaurants, but he never knows what they'll be serving, so it's hard for him to ...change! (Me too, in a lot of things, so I can't just complain about him!)

Oh, and they had a place called Sweet Frog in the same little outside mall area, so we walked down and I had frozen yogurt for dessert. (He doesn't think it would taste good---so he wouldn't even taste of it! His loss!) There were so many different flavors; it was really yummy and they had what looked like 100 toppings to add if you wanted!!  Anything from sponge cake pieces, to Heath bar bits, and M and Ms to coconut and on and on....and many syrups, and of course, whipped cream.  The weight of the cup you fill determines the cost.  Do you have a Sweet Frog near you? I hope so.

Then on to rest for the night! One thing that REALLY got to us both was when we got into our room at the Inn?  There was no mini-fridge nor microwave---things we had gotten used to having!  We called the desk and they said they'd look and see if they could find a fridge---and in 2 minutes, said they didn't have one!!   (Wonder if they even looked??) The wooden case where they would NORMALLY have both was in the room, but it was empty!  So, luckily, we had a cooler with us which we filled with ice,  because I had ordered extra sushi to bring home, and I wasn't leaving it behind!  (The nearest sushi place here is 45 minutes away, and I don't even know how it is.) Next time, if we have to stay there, we'll make sure we have a room with a fridge! We stay away from home SO seldom, and if we spend any money, we kind of  like to have a little fridge, at least! lol  We did keep our usual Cracker Barrel breakfast date the next day.  I really love their yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and granola topping, and an apple bran muffin!

The kids took us out to the Cat and Owl the night before we left, which is always good. Our DIL's mother met us there, and we all enjoyed chatting. David tried to out-eat everyone, I think! Our son ordered 6 appetizers for all of us, and David ate most of the barbequed shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops! That nearly 9-year-old young'un has hollow legs!

Then, he and his Pop both ordered the rainbow trout, and they had two huge fillets of trout each and they both packed it on down. Then they shared apple pie with ice cream!  Since he has had his tonsils out, David has eaten so much better. He will try ANY food once, and the more "exotic", the better!! 

Katherine is a little more timid about that, but she loves raw broccoli and salads, and if there's a chicken tender and a French fry to be had, she's happy!  Son and DIl got filet mignon, and MIl got a skewer of BBQ'd shrimp and I got crab cake--that was not so good.  I had asked them if they were really lump-crabmeat with not much filler, and I was assured they were all crabmeat. No. They weren't, but I was so glad to be with my family, how would I ever complain about it one bit! The salad bar was very fresh, too and we all enjoyed that.

Well, seems all I've talked about is eating, and travelling this time. Gotta start somewhere, huh!

See ya later...and maybe not so much later as last time, okay?? :)  May God bless you each day, and may we all realize how much He does bless and love us in any circumstance we are in!


  1. WOW! Awesome! So glad you're back!! I just sent you an email. David has really grown ~ like father, like son ~ fishing.
    I miss my mom too.
    Sushi...I love it, and we don't have it often enough. Gotta drive 1 1/2 hours to the nearest sushi restaurant.
    Cast iron tub and no fridge - must have been an old inn.
    Biofreeze does work good. Have you ever tried the Two Old Goats? It's pretty good too.
    Cute hummer.
    So glad you're back.
    I've missed reading here.

  2. I'm just so glad to see you back safe and sound. Will be back to read more in a bit. take care sweet lady.


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