Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well. It has been awhile, I know. I just haven’t had enough going on to write about.

We are at our son’s. His wife and kids wanted to go to Nag’s Head with a friend of hers, and he’s got a project that’s supposed to be finished by the end of Oct. I hope and pray it will—he doesn’t think it will….but I think the state of mind he’s in is making him think it’s not going to come in on time.. Please pray for him! He is so stressed out—I’ve never seen him like this.

Also—he’s 40---and I think men have a “menopausal period” about that time.  I can’t explain it to him, because he’d think I was crazy, but I don’t think I am—not in that way, anyway! Lol

So we are in the Alleghenies, feeding the fish, the hamster—NOT the snake!—and the cats, and trying to figure how to get the tube  thing back on the Dyson that gets the dust and dirt in it!. I got it off ok, and vacuumed up the bud my son brought in, but neither my husband nor I can figure how to get it back o there! Everything that can go wrong, will, I’m sure.

We called our DILO, and she tried to tell hubby how, but he couldn’t and she just sort of screamed, “LEAVE IT ALONE! It's a an $800 vacuum cleaner!” So, ok. I won’t vacuum the rest of the week. Not a problem! I guess the dishwasher will play out next.

 I’ve been washing and trying to keep our son soaking wet clothes from getting sour. Well, I found a shirt he’d thrown on one of the dining room chairs, so upstairs I go, to put it in the washer with the others. I could not GET THE TOP up! UNREAL! I called my hubby up there, and he fiddled and fiddled with it, and finally he figured out it had a safety feature on it, so you had to push the button IN instead of pulling it out, as one would think,  God bless him, he got that fixed.

Well, he went to the back door to lock the dead bolt, and it would not do, after all the time he has done it!  Do you think there demons in this house or something!? ;;) At least, when we come? Every time we come, there are plumbing problems, or something Amazing—and when they come to see us, something happens, like two cats have just died!


Well, what is going on at YOUR house??? Not these kinda things, I hope!!

  What I am cooking tomorrow!



This is what Kristi cooked before she left…..and it is good!

God bless you folks out there—wherever you are!

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  1. I'd love a piece of that pie!
    I'm back.


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