Monday, August 12, 2013

The Monday Night Post

+Hi, one person out there that sometimes reads my post. How are you today!

We are back from the mountains and as I was reading my last post, I realized I should actually proof-read sometimes. I mentioned something about the vacuum cleaner--I had to use it when we were up there. I said "my son tracked in bud", when I meant "my son tracked in MUD!" I know if you read that, you were wondering what was going on up there! He has to be out a lot, walking and checking on the people who are working from the construction on the  project, and it had rained up there a lot. One day, he was so tired, he just walked in the house and plopped down in his chair, not even noticing he had so much mud, mud, mud in those shoes with heavy treads on them. 

AND, the vacuum cleaner wasn't broken, I had put the top on the wrong way, so if I had been paying more attention--maybe that whole thing wouldn't have bothered me at all.  Of course, my DIL was teasing when she told my husband what I said before. Yes--it DID cost that much, but they could have gotten it fixed or even bought another, or we could have paid them for it--eventually! :) Eventually, as in a pretty long time!

Before I left to go, I had a mishap that has misfired over and over on me. I played the guitar with hubby and friends at a friend's house at the end of July. Well, the guitar strap did a number on my lower neck--as in blistered it really badly. It was a hot day, and I was sweaty before we even started. Anyway, by Monday (this being on Saturday), I had to see a doctor.  They gave me a prescription cream for burns  called Silverdeen. (I hope that was what it needed,  since their diagnosis was wrong!), and soon afterward, we went up to our son's. I used the cream the way they said, and thought it was kinda healing over, but it still hurt when we got back. Well, two small spots still hurt pretty badly, and one had scabbed over. When I finally saw my own doctor, he said he wanted me to see a surgeon cross the hall, and got me in to see him that same afternoon.

 It turned out--- the place that had scabbed over, was NOT the healed place! It was what is called an eschar--a wound that has scabbed over, but has dead skin underneath---necrotic tissue. It had a hard,  leathery scab, it didn't hurt--but there wasn't living tissue underneath--which is why it didn't hurt. So the doctor numbed it (a very small amount because numbing stops blood supply during the time it's numb, as best I can understand), and started carving away with his scalpel.  I had to hold on to my seat, literally, but he assured me "You're doing very, very well!"several times. (Probably so I wouldn't start screaming and turn around and injure him somewhere! lol ) 

He asked if I would like to see what he took off, and of course, I did!  (Should I have taken a picture for you? Wish I had thought about it, but I was still in that near-scream mode, I think!)  There was, in his hand,  a piece of dead tissue about 2 and a half inches by 1 and a half inches long. Doesn't sound too bad--but when you think of right where your neck turns and bends, it's pretty, well, I think I've already given you the picture----gross!

That was a week ago, and since,  I'm using ANOTHER prescription ointment--this one is called Santyl, which eats dead tissue, and hopefully this time it will heal. Of course, we have to clean it, put a new layer of Santyl on my neck and then cover it with new gauze each night and tape and tape and tape---and that is driving me nuts!  When something is on your neck, and you move it back and forth and up and down---how do you tape something that already bends in a thousand ways?? By the time, I have gotten to bed, the gauze has already moved; by the time I wake up an hour later (usually), the tape is pulling my skin in one place or another, and by morning, the ointment has sort of dried or something and the gauze is literally tearing my surrounding (good,  but THIN, DRY skin! ;)

 I'm only supposed to use this once a day (and even with our insurance, it's nearly $40.00 for a small tube.) So--I hope you'll pray that this stuff works and I can get a healthy report in a few weeks. It has been about a month now--and it's really become a pain, literally and figuratively! I have a new, healthy respect for burn/scrape/wound victims who can't seem to heal well enough!  And if this doesn't heal, then, we'll have to investigate why, and I just hope it's a fluke.
Not too much going on here, (with all this going on), around here. Friends gave us some lovely tomatoes Friday night, and I think we're going to have tomato sandwiches for our supper tonight. I wish I had gotten up to our little market to get some fresh butterbeans to have with them--we've always liked fresh corn and butterbeans with a fresh tomato sandwich.  How 'bout you?  It's going to be hard seeing the fresh vegetables go soon,  for those of us more 'northern'.  We don't have a garden anymore, but having neighbors that do, and having a farmer's market is certainly a great thing for us.

God is good.  All the time!


  1. Hey! How am I today?? ~ Don't ask. I'll TTYL about it.

    This is gross. I'm so sorry it didn't heal properly and you certainly were brave to not turn around and use the scalpel on the doctor! That must be a real "pain in the neck", oh my, to have to tape it and all in such a movable area. I'm praying that the Lord will heal it and soon.
    Glad you're home again and enjoying those tomato sandwiches. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness that sounds painful. I've never heard of anything like that happening...but if it had to happen it would be to you right! I'm so glad you posted, that you had that spot taken care of, and now are healing. I will keep you in my prayers. Now I am off to find myself the fixin's for a tomato sammy!


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