Friday, November 11, 2016


Ok--folks...or folk. (or Anne!) I had a pretty good post done tonight. One about the goings on in May, 2016, which is the I'm thinking you probably knew most of anyway!   Does that make sense, Anne!

 I picked it back up--it was gone. I am not feeling too well, if you know what I mean--although I know you have more patience than I!

IF I had only SAVED it before I set the computer down. Yes, I know  my mistake. Not saving it,
I had gotten through almost all of May--almost all I wanted to do!

I was talking some about David and what was going through my little boy, and how to help him. He has started going to a Christian Academy.Their studies are out of the Bible much of the time, they have Chapel every Weds., they dress in Khakis and collared shirts.

It's very expensive, but his mom and dad thought (hope) it would be worth it if it would only make him better, and not be picked on! If it would make him strong and feeling good about himself. His self-esteem that he once had so much of, is just gone....It just makes me want to cry everyday-but that would do no good for me, nor David.

At the other school--he knew everyone. (Covington), he had space to run and hunt, fish and trap at home! They were living on 3 acres, and though the house was very nice, it wasn't overwhelming as this one. I believe we have a depressed little 12-year-old boy, and the boy that was taunting him before they took him out of school isn't going to pay at all. David is small, and this boy was at least my son's height! David's not into sports---he's very brainy, he gets straight A's. in everything bout Gym (wonder why??) He's an outdoor boy --except not sporty--he loves to deer hunt, fish, trout fish. He knows all about fish, he's so sweet, so funny, and I don't have good feelings about the boy that started the others bullying David.
(Of course, I know what he has been through, too. I need to feel sorry about him, as well, and I actually do.  I need to pray for him. He's had a tough life and I know his mothers --- one is in prison---one, who knows where? He's in foster care now--and what a horror that can be. Why would a lesbian couple want to adopt a baby boy???? See what has happened--he has been  bullied for what he's been through, too, and he wants to hurt others for it. It''s wrong, it's awful---but he can't think of another way to get his feelings out. BUT IT IS WRONG!.) :(

I feel so bad!1 I'll have to write more of this-I've lost what I had, and it'll be back soon! I will make sure to save it next time. I hope you have a good/God weekend girl, and  I am sure the class about the Revelation will be wonderful!

Love you!