Friday, January 20, 2017


 I nearly wrote just thinning. That would describe my hair, especially on top. Female pattern baldness--yes, there is such a thing. For the last two years I have watched it, experienced it. Cried over it.. I don't know what is causing it--I know Mama had thicker, darker hair until it turned the most beautiful silver color in her later years. That's not gonna happen to me. I won't have enough hair to be silver, and I'm seriously thinking of going shopping for a wig.

 The thing is---I can see myself in one...well, I haven't seen it. Now, I notice that I'm more self-conscious of it. there is really no decent haircut or any way I can comb it that it's not precariously THIN. Not fun. I don't want to think of myself as that vain, and I don't really feel I've ever been.

If you're out there, and your hair was so thin that the entire top of your hair was showing under  a few strands of graying hair---what would you do?

Wear a hat? (I can tell you, wearing a baseball cap isn't me. Neither is one of those, well, NOT ANY hats. Not me.

Still do you think you could walk around, and, (as short as I am now --- 5'0") not flinch when anyone taller than you walks up to you and starts staring at your head. Oh, I know they don't mean to---but I might have done the same when I was younger. I don't remember---and that's another whole subject. Remembering things. That's one I don't think I'll get into this night.

You know, I wanted to start my blog back, but only if it ended up being worthy of your reading it,  and if it made me happy. I am, unhappily, one of those people who is not goo at keeping something up that I start. I may ave Adult ADD. I mean really, too. My doctor has even observed that my focus is way more off than it was a few years ago. (That isn't a happy thing either. 

I'm 67. I don't know how things are supposed to be. really. It has been a very stressful year. I have been falling  a lot, and the doctor says it's probably caused by my blood pressure dropping. (But there is nothing he can do to stop it. )  It can easily go up into the red zone of being high blood pressure right afterward, too.

I know I also mentioned that in May, I got pneumonia, and came home from having a test done at the hospital lab with Hubby. Lots and lots of walking and I had to lean on Hubby to help me get into the house. When I got in, I took two Tylenol and got into my pjs, lay down in the recliner and went to sleep. He ran up to Food Lion and got a few groceries and some GatorAde and Ginger Ale in case I had the flu.

 (Hubby doesn't' know how to do a thing in the house--cook, clean, nothing. He knows how to use the microwave, and heated canned soup and TV dinners in that for me when I had spent my almost month in the hospital! He doesn't like either of those, so he ate a lot of sandwiches or went up to Hardees or DQ.  When I've fallen and couldn't walk for awhile, he's looked after me the best he could and I know it was all he could do to help.

But, I think you've heard most of this before. 

I really want to share more about my grandson, David, who is 12. After moving and going into a new school, he was enduring a severe  bullying by his "classmates" in the locker room---it took him 2 months to tell his dad and mom. He was ashamed.

 David has always seemed unusually small to us, but you know--what IS normal?

He is much happier in the Christian Academy I mentioned than when he was at the public school, a teacher couldn't protect him from the other boys in the locker room. How he took a school picture and had a sweet smile on his face, I 'll never know. So, there was the good news of that...but we got more bad news in November. Worse news.....

David was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, which is an Irritable Bowel Disease---it is not curable, it is not terminal--usually. It severely disrupt growth patterns, permanently damages your digestive system from your throat all the way down. He has already lost bone density. We're hoping this doctor knows the right things to do. In the mean time--he'll have to go for Colonoscopies and Endoscopes about every 3 months, at least for this year. All his life to a certain extent. I just pray, and hope you will join me, that the doctors will find a way to come up with better meds, and treatments.

My poor sweet boy! He has to force down all that horrible tasting mess the night before, ( as we do before a colonoscopy),  and then go under for the testing---just to see if there is more damage to his intestines. You know what he said when they diagnosed him, and his dad told him the name of the disease he had...and what it would mean.

He sank back onto his pillows with a sigh of relief. 

He smiled and said, "At least, it's not cancer, Daddy!"

I'm sure that was something he had been imagining hearing when he came out of the anesthesia.

This week has been a pretty good one for him. Please pray for David. I also saw on "Nana Diana Takes a Break" blog, she had posted a link to a Go Fund ME page for a fellow blogger who's son has Crohn's and also a cancer. They're about to lose everything because he's got a lot of expenses and I don't think he can be under their insurance anymore.